Phase Equalizer

An entirely new Phase Equalizer is the latest innovation to come from Lowther. As everyone who is aware of Lowther Loudspeakers knows, for more than half a century every drive unit we have manufactured has incorporated a phase plug. The main function of the phase plug is to reduce interference caused by opposite sides of the inner cone canceling out sound waves at certain frequencies. The function of the full size stabilizer, in addition to reducing sound wave cancellations, is to act as a diffuser to guide the sound waves to the walls of a horn fitted to the front of a drive unit.

The new Phase Equalizer not only better achieves all that the originals can, it accomplishes so very much more. The new Phase Equalizer forms a horn contour between itself and the wall of the inner cone. This allows the high frequency response to be much improved. For the same reason the higher mid-range response is also greatly improved. The reproduced sound is cleaner and clearer with much better separation of musical instruments.

The series of tubes are of a precise size, number and depth in order to maintain equal pressure either side of the cone assembly throughout the complete audible frequency range. Without some stabilizing device, pressures either side of the diaphragm assembly become increasingly unequal the lower the sound frequency to be reproduced. By fitting the new Phase Equalizer, the pressure on both sides of the cone is equalized throughout the complete audible frequency range. The control applied to the diaphragm eliminates the possibility of over extended oscillations when the cones are moving forward. The effect is similar to fitting a forward radiating horn but without the possible distortion and coloration that such horns may develop.

Originally the new Phase Equalizer was designed to balance the pressure from either side of the diaphragm assembly of the Lowther DX4 driver.  Today the new Phase Equalizer comes standard with all EX series. It is also available as an optional extra for all other new Lowther drive units. In addition we are making it available to all existing Lowther users. The new equalizer may be fitted to all types of Lowther drivers irrespective of age. No modifications are necessary. It is a simple task to unscrew the original stabilizer and refit the new one. Then experience an entirely new level of listening pleasure.