Full Size Stabilizer

As everyone who is aware of Lowther Loudspeakers knows, for more than half a century every drive unit we have manufactured has incorporated a phase plug. The standard phase plug is the bullet shape "black nose" coming out from the center of the driver. The main function of the phase plug is to reduce interference caused by opposite sides of the inner cone canceling out sound waves at certain frequencies. 

The function of the Full Size Stabilizer, in addition to reducing sound wave cancellations, is to act as a diffuser to guide the sound waves to the walls of a horn fitted to the front of a drive unit. The full size stabilizer is made of rosewood. It is also known as the "Light Bulb" due to its shape. 

The Full Size Stabilizer is intended for front horn application such as TP1, Audiovector, Opus 1, and Beauhorn. It comes standard with PM4A. It is also available as an optional accessory that will fit any Lowther drivers. It sounds warmer than the standard phase plug. No modifications are necessary. It is a simple task to unscrew the original stabilizer and refit the new one.