TP1 London  

The Lowther TP1 London is based upon the design of the original Lowther TP1 which was first manufactured nearly 50 years ago. Many of the original TP1s are still in existence and cherished by their owners throughout the world.

The modern TP1 London is of classical horn loaded design for corner placement. Unlike it's predecessor, it does not rely upon room corners to reinforce the bass response. The drive unit is balanced between a long bass born and a forward radiating mid-range horn. The bass response is both extremely smooth and uncolored. The forward radiating horn loading provides a wide and even polar response. This modern design offers all who appreciate the many benefits of horn loaded loudspeakers, everything they would wish for. High efficiency, deep smooth bass, and very detailed mid-range and highs. The London will satisfy those listeners of music who wish to extract the maximum amount of information from their recordings. Certainly, for those who search for the highest standards of reproduced music the TP1 London will meet their demands.


Drive Unit: Lowther PM6A  
Frequency response: 30Hz to 20,000Hz 3db
Finish: Mahogany, American Walnut or Black Lacquer 
Size: 102 cm high x 80 cm wide x 60 cm
Packed weight:  50kg each
special order only