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McIntosh MX110z MX-110z Tube Pre-amp Tuner [SOLD to USA buyer]

Last update: 3 Feb 2017

This is a Z version. Much better than non-Z versions. The tuner section is similar to MR67. It has a MPX section. The FM section is fully aligned. The I-F stages have been aligned in perfect bell shape as you can see in the pictures. Eye tube and MPX light is bright and working. Tubes in the tuner section come with Telefunken x 3, the rest are McIntosh brand. The pre-amp section is similar to C22. Both C22 and MX110 use 6 tubes in preamp. 3 tubes for phono, 1 tube for tone control and 2 tubes for audio amplification. MX110z is like C22 + MR67.

100% original.
FM section has been aligned by us.

Price USD3,000 HK$21,000 or US$2,700

We ship worldwide by air. Shipping cost is US$175 flat rate for all countries.

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