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McIntosh C20 pre-amp [SOLD to my Bro]

110V-120V AC voltage

Last update: 18 Sept 2014

Price HK$23,000 HK$20,700 or US$2,650 (free delivery within Hong Kong)

We ship worldwide. Shipping cost is US$89 by Air. Flat rate for all countries.

This is a legendary McIntosh C20 tube preamplifier in great condition.  Fully tested by our engineer.  Sound stage is great, sound is sweet and detailed.  Comes with eight US tubes.

TUBES: 12AU7 x 2, 12AX7 x 5, 6X4 x 1

Size: 4-7/8"H, 15-5/8"W and 12"D behind panel.

Weight: 18 lbs

This pre-amp will server you well for many years to come.

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