With regard to the EX4s, they are exemplary in every respect, and it may be of help and interest if I cite one or 2 (!) characteristics which have struck me, namely:-

  1. Natural breadth of sound stage, with precise yet unobtrusive location of instruments.
  2. Very natural sound and 'timbre'.
  3. Easy to listen to - plenty of 'air' round the sound.
  4. Wide dynamic range.
  5. Piano sound - superb.
  6. Singer accompanied by, e.g. say, piano - excellent separation of the two sources, combined with 'togetherness'.
  7. A remarkable sense of a 'live' musical experience.
  8. An ability to improve the occasional 'awkward' recording.

These are the salient impressions so far, and I thought you would like to know about them. Others will no doubt occur to me, but to list them would prolong this letter unduly. To sum up, these are outstanding loudspeakers, and I am delighted with them.

- by J. Parker



Herewith my PM7 speakers in exchange for the EX4s, with which I am very pleased. Even with the low volume whilst I am running them in, I think the EX4s are superb, and as you said, it is as if a blanket has been removed from the front of the speakers. I'm so glad I decided on the exchange.

- by W. H. E. Fowkes



The change to the EX4 was a matter of some apprehension; my Delphics (to me) sounded absolutely marvellous and I questioned my sense in going for an update to EX4.

I duly fitted the new units, switched on FM at very low level for 30 hours in total. Even at low volume, I immediately sensed some dramatic changes. At normal volume, the changes are vivid and dramatic. Even greater detail delivered in utterly smooth accuracy. Instrument placement even more precise and an even wider sound stage.

It is early days for me, but I am not aware of any loudspeakers at all.

In short I am absolutely delighted and thrilled.

- by John T. Dean