Lowther Drivers

Every Lowther shares a characteristic sound - they're very revealing, very coherent, and very musical.  Most people say that they have never felt closer to the music they hear when listening to the Lowther speakers. Lowther speakers are dynamic like horn speakers can be, but have a  coherency of sound from highs to lows that systems using metal tweeter and paper woofers can never achieve.

However, there are several different drivers in the Lowther family to choose from.  What are the differences between them?  What is the best value for the price? 

The A series of drivers are the classic Lowther sound.  Using Alnico magnet, the A series are designated by the PMA name.  An example would be the PM6A driver.  They are utterly clean and transparent.  Each driver in the Alnico line shares the same cone, and the same basket.  The better the driver in the Alnico line - the sweeter and smoother the treble becomes.  The increasing magnet size and flux capability are the causes of the improvement in high frequency reproduction.

The C series of drivers are the most affordable choice. They're made with ceramic-based magnet materials.  The C series are designated by the PMC name.  An example would be the PM6C driver.  The C series drivers are in the same family of sound as the rest of the Lowther speakers.  Best value for the price.  A very good choice for first time owner of Lowther products. 

The DX Series of drivers use modern magnet technology. Using the most modern magnet materials, the DX series manages to reduce the massive size of the Alnico magnets without compromising flux density.  The DX series are designated by the DX name.  An example would be the DX2 driver.  The entire DX series use the same size cones and frames as the Alnico series. The only difference is the neodymium magnet material.  The DX series tend to sound a bit warmer and more midrange-forward than the classic Lowther sound.  The DX4 comes with Lowther's Phase Equalizer

The EX Series of drivers are a recent product from Lowther. Each model in the EX range incorporates an acoustic chamber precisely tuned for optimum performance. The EX series are designated by the EX name.  An example would be the EX2 driver.  Cone assemblies are pressure balanced between the acoustic chamber at the rear and a phasing equalizer fitted to the front. No unwanted oscillations of the speech coil occur. Only bass frequencies will pass through the acoustic chamber, so avoiding bass/mid-range confusion, often a cause of coloration.  All EX models are fitted with Lowther's Phase Equalizer.

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