Complete Speaker System

Let's talk about complete speaker. The Lowther drivers are high-pressure small excursion devices. In order to produce the lowest frequencies, they need to be attached to a horn. They are much like a compression driver in this respect. A back-loaded horn allows the driver to transform its small excursions into large volumes of moved air thereby increasing bass efficiency to match high-frequency efficiency. Horn bass has a purity of tone that is unrivaled. There's no boom, and no such thing as 'one note' bass. The bass from a Lowther horn has an articulation unlike any other speaker.  The horn path is precisely calculated according to law of physics. The longer the path, the deeper the bass. click here to see the biggest horn in the world  

From the very beginning it was accepted without question that using a horn in a loudspeaker system was the most effective, if not the only way to achieve acceptable standards of sound reproduction. But factors such as the limited availability of suitable materials and ways of reproducing sound, i.e. drive units, resulted in seeking other types of loudspeakers. Naturally, progress was made, but it did not alter the fact that basically, the horn remained best as Lowther have continued to prove now for many years. see recommended reading on horn loaded speakers

We carry the following models:

[ Acousta 115 ] [ Fidelio ] [ TP1 London ]