Jazz 6L6 Power Amplifier

Not every tube can play Jazz. There is only one tube family that has the right tone, the 6L6 family. 6L6s are being used in many musical instruments such as church organs, pianos, guitar amps and even theatre amps. For one reason, the tone! In 6L6, there is an electronic lens that focuses electron beam onto its plate. The lens is connected to pin number 8 of the tube. With the focusing lens, the sound is much richer and the tone is unique and pleasing to human ear.

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Affordable :: High Performance :: Music with Passion :: Jazz is 6L6

Sonically speaking, 6L6s are balanced across their entire range of low, mid and high frequencies. They are bass-full, detailed, sparkling and open. They have the magic tone to express the passion in Jazz music. If 2A3 is a cup of English tea, 6L6 is a cup of cappuccino. 6L6s are particularly good for Jazz.

Try listening to a McIntosh MC240 playing Jazz music, and you will understand the magic. MC240 is 6L6 in class AB push-pull. We wonder what the 6L6 would sound like in pure class A. So we go ahead and create a new product, the Lowther Club's Jazz 6L6 Tube Amp. Handcrafted in Hong Kong. The chassis is made of 2mm thick steel. Copper rings are CNC machined to shape. Logo is etched on pure copper plate. We use Wima and Epcos audio capacitors in our circuit, both are made in Germany. Modern McIntosh also use Wima caps in their design, click here to see inside a McIntosh tube amp.

For transformer, we use heat annealing steel to increase magnetic properties. The transformers are baked in controlled temperature for three hours to remove moisture and then coated with special transformer vanish to prevent rusting. We are very pleased with our transformers. They will serve you well for many years to come. We have tested the amp with Lowther speakers. It gives us a whole new listening experience. We also use it with JBL and Altec speakers. The sound is amazing.

As suggested by users, we have upgraded all I/O connectors to gold plated solid copper version.

Jazz 6L6 tube amp will easily drive any speakers with sensitivity of 85db or above.

Key Specifications:

Power: 8W + 8W
Freq: 20Hz-35Khz
Pure Class A, Single Ended Amplifier
Self-biasing, no bias adjustment is needed
Tube Rectifier: 5Z4P x 1
Driver Tubes: 6SN7 x 2
Power Tubes: 6L6G x 2
Power Transformer x 1, Choke x 1
Output Transformer x 2 (Primary 3.5kΩ)
Input Impedance: 470kΩ
Output Impedance: 4Ω and 8Ω
Gain: 32db
Noise: -90db
Distortion: 0.5%
Capacitors: Rubycon from Japan, Epcos and Wima from Germany
We use high quality components similar to McIntosh, see inside McIntosh.
In case you would like to look closer: inside McIntosh high resolution.

Size: Width 30cm x Depth 24cm x Height 16cm
Weight: 10kg

No power cord is included due to various regulations. The power inlet is international IEC C14 standard. Your power cord will need to have an IEC C13 connector on one end. IEC C13 is the most common power cord used in audio equipments and home appliances. Please Google IEC C13 for a picture.

AC voltage: We have 100V, 120V, 220V or 240V version for you to choose from.

Our standard tube set is made by Shuguang or equivalent.  Occasionally, we have premium US tube set for sale. Please visit our special discount section.

Jazz 6L6 is a Class A, self-biasing tube amp. Simple is beautiful. You can easily hear the sound differences when you change a tube. Tube rolling is fun and rewarding.  Below are some ideas for Jazz 6L6 owners.

The plate voltage is 315V for power tubes. You can safely use any tubes in the 6L6 family, such as 6P3P, 6N3C, 6L6, 6L6G, 6L6GA/B/C, 7581, 5881, 5932, 1612, KT66, EL37, WE350B ... etc. 6F6 also works. 6384 will need an adapter.

The 6SN7 driver tube can be replaced by CV1988, 6N8P, 6H8C, 6SN7M, or 6SN7W, VT231 directly. With an adapter made by us, you can use 12AU7, 12AY7, 12AV7, 12BH7, 5963, 5814, E82CC, ECC82, ECC802S...etc.  Or 6F8G with an adapter made by us.

The 5Z4P rectifier tube can be replaced by the 5Y3 family, U50, U52, U54, 5U4G, CV378, GZ34, 5Z4, 5T4 , VT-117, VT-74 or 5AR4 directly. The rectifier tube also changes the sound significantly.

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Jazz 6L6 Integrated Amplifier

If you are looking for a simple audio system, consider this integrated version. A volume control is included. The footprint of the Jazz 6L6 integrated amp is about the size of a piece of letter size paper. The specs are the same with the power amp except the input impedance will be 10kΩ.

Integrated Amp Starting from $599 USD [Sold Out, No Stock]

Experience the magic tone of 6L6.

We accept major credit cards thru PayPal. Contact: info@lowther.com.hk

Affordable :: High Performance :: Music with Passion :: Jazz is 6L6

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6SN7 Socket Adapters

With our adapters, you can use 12AU7 tube on 6SN7 socket, or 6F8G tube on 6SN7 socket. Our adapters are filled with silicone gel for added stability and durability. They are virtually indestructible.


Starting at $30 USD per pair free shipping worldwide.

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Customer Feedback

I find the Jazz 6L6 sounds quite smooth and mellow but at the same time delivers all the detail in the music. The soundstage is quite wide, and vocals in particular feel very alive and present. Another thing I love is how well the amp performs at low volume levels, everything is very clear and I don't feel the need to raise volume to a certain level to get all the information present in each track. The amp does deliver bass which is very articulate, making it easy to differentiate between different kinds of percussion.

The Jazz looks very attractive for such an affordable tube amp and seems very solidly constructed. It's refreshing knowing most of the production costs have gone towards the things that affect sound quality rather than over-the-top mirror finishes and the kind of bling you get with a lot of Chinese-made amps on the market. Instead its very minimalist and tasteful. I think it's a shame so many Audiophiles are enticed to spend their money on ear-piercing transistor amps when you can own a lovely little tube amp like this one for so little. Being able to listen for hours without fatigue makes it worth it.

- Nick, Australia.

After run-in for about 12 hours, I found that the Jazz power amp provides sweet, smooth, thick and more details sounds compare to my Audio Space integrated tube amp. The Jazz amp drives my 89db Sonus Faber speakers very well. At this time, it is very successful for the amp in my system. Will let it run-in for another month before I try some NOS tubes to increase the performance of the amp.

- Raymond, Hong Kong.

Do not let the tiny size of The Jazz 6L6 tube amp on first appearance turn you off. It lives up to its name of portraying jazz music beautifully. Its rich, lush and yet detailed sound brings out the best of any decent recordings. Able to compete with any of the big boys SE triode amps or even better than those Iíve heard costing many times more. Do some tube rolling with NOS tubes & take its performance a notch higher. If you donít like jazz, never mind Ö. It plays pop/rock equally well too. And yes, the front wood panel & brass fittings does add a bit of class to this amazing little ampís proof that size doesnít really matter

- WK, Malaysia

The Jazz Amp is fantastic, sounds beautiful, is dead quiet, no hum no buzz when idle, I'm using the upgraded tubes. My speakers are Monitor Audio GS10 with 88db sensitivity, and the little amp drives them with authority, great bass, marvelous mids and transparent highs, I'm very happy with what I'm hearing.

- Julio, Italy

I have had the pleasure of listening to your Lowther 6L6, into a pair of Quad ESL63ís and I am very impressed with the performance. I was surprised at how well they drove the electrostatics, with low realistic bass to great mid/high detail even at low levels.

- Neville, New Zealand

I love the amp, it's simple, solid, and looks/sounds fantastic. The simple design lends itself greatly to tube rolling, which is a lot of fun with this amp. Itís great to hear the differences that a tube swap makes so quickly and clearly. I've even gotten my wife interested in comparing the different sounds. Just yesterday, she told me "I could listen to this all day long".

- Dave M, USA

Thanks Dave for sharing his setup.  Click here to see Dave's audio system.