Fostex T90A Super Horn Tweeter

Instantly double the bandwidth of your speakers. The Fostex T90A extends the upper frequency to 35khz. It draws very little power from your amp. Very easy to drive. With the special made L-Pad, it can match with all kinds of speaker such as JBL, Altec, Urei, ... and Lowther. You can hear the slightest brush on cymbal and the smallest lip movement of your favorite singer. The sound is sweet. It is also used by Nelson Pass, who founded Threshold, First Watt, and Pass Labs.

We offer a complete kit to help you setup the tweeter quickly. The kit contains everything you need. You can hear the amazing sound immediately. Sweet and 3D sound stage. Satisfaction guaranteed.

The kit is selling for USD599 per pair. The T90A is made of alnico magnet. They are collectible items. The sound is so nice. Most people who bought them will not sell them. Hard to find in used market. Get your own pair now. Below is the content of the super tweeter kit.

Fostex T90A x 2 made in Japan
Wood stand x 2 made in Japan
L-Pad x 2 made in Japan
1.5uF Fast Cap x 2 made in France
Alligator clip x 10 made in USA
1 year limited warranty

USD599 plus shipping.

HK$4,670 for Hong Kong customers local pick-up. For overseas customers, we ship worldwide at actual cost. Shipping is by airmail with tracking number. Delivery time is 3-4 weeks to most places.

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Hear more music than before !

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Satisfaction Guaranteed. 3 days return accepted. No question asked.

Some users may prefer to have enclosures for the L-Pads. Please Google "L-PAD Enclosure DIY project" or visit to order a pair of enclosures.


Fostex T90A Super Tweeter with Large Alnico Magnet

8 ohm impedance.
Frequency response from 5kHz to 35kHz.
106dB sensitivity at 1w/1m (3.3ft).
Flange size 60 mm in diameter.
Weight 1.8 lbs each.
2.2 lbs with packing.
The L-Pad is an audio grade dual attenuator for sensitive adjustment to match your existing speaker.

For example, if you are using 91 db JBL 4311 speakers, you will need to -15db from the 106 db Fostex to match with the JBL's 91 db. i.e. 91-106 = -15

Your amplifier will see it and the tweeter as an 8 ohms network no matter how much you change the attenuation. That is why they are special.
The L-Pad is 100W for 8 ohms  speaker.
Attenuation from 0 dB to -40 db.
Work with for all kinds of speakers.

Connect pin 1 and 2 to super tweeter.
Use the provided alligator clips for quick setup.
You can enjoy better music in 3 minutes.
Bookmark this page for easy assess of the connection diagram.

Finally, you will need a capacitor as high pass filter. Connect Pin 3 to your filter cap.
Use 1.0uF cap for 20khz high pass.  Or use a 1.5uF cap for 13.3khz high pass.
We found that 1.5uF gives good result for JBL and Lowther speakers.
On the left, it is a 1.5uF Solen FAST cap made in France.


It can be used with all kinds of speaker.



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